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Welcome to the settlement of

Nomad Nation

Wander the Minecraft wildernesses like a true nomad. Ranging from the vanilla SMP experience to hand-selected mod packs, Nomad Nation offers a welcoming and diverse community packed with themed servers to scratch your every Minecraft itch.

Our discord - the hub to any community

On Nomad its all the community. And where better to do that then on discord!
Don’t be put off by our discord at first sight.

We share anything and everything on discord, from meme’s to builds and pictures of our pets. It’s all on there.

Best place to stay up to date about what’s happening at Nomad Nation is to be in our discord.

What are you waiting for?? Hit the button below to start your journey!

Our twitter feed

Who doesn’t love a good scroll of a twitter feed every now and again?
New socials but they will gain information as we go along

Be ahead of the game. Follow them now to beat the crowd!

Welcoming Community

Our community is welcoming and open
to everyone.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team will do their upmost
to solve any issue.
An issue for you is a problem for us!

99% Uptime

Uptime & Stability are of utmost importance.
Downtime for only updates and unforeseen